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mn count: 38
Bloco atual: 1185554
Next budget payments block: 1189440
Next budget payments will occur
2 days, 16 hours and 46 minutes
2019-07-24 09:30:01

Nanucoin price: 0.00000092 BTC - $0.010
Total Allocated Budget: NNC ($0.00).
Total Available Budget: 806.4 NNC ($7.71).
(protocolversion: 90050)

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Current Proposals
Title Payment Yes No Abstain NetVotes % of Vote Weekly Amount hash

Total Proposals: 0 NNC ($0.00).

Under development.

* In order to be approved, a proposal has to pass the following conditions:
1. The "Net Votes" (i.e., the total of "Yes" votes minus the total of "No" votes) must be greater than 10% of all active Masternodes.
2. The "Weekly Amount" requested must fit into the current total available budget. Proposals are given priority based on the "Net Votes." If there is a tie, the proposal with the most "Yes" votes gets priority.
3. A proposal must be over 24 hours old.
4. A proposal must be submitted at least three days before the budget deadline.
* Net Votes: The total number of "Yes" votes minus the total number of "No" votes.
* % of Vote: The percentage of Net Votes to total Masternodes.
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